Full-Stack PHP Developer with Big Ideas

At ThriveMap
In Croydon, London, United Kingdom

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Full Time

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    • Competitive
  • Free Tea and Coffee

Job Description

ThriveMap is an online platform that measures how people like to work, so that every new hire makes themselves, the team and the company better.

Created by a team with a track record of success, ThriveMap recently won investment from an innovation-led global corporate plus additional funding from a leading venture capital firm.

You’ve seen countless start-ups in TV and movies, now it’s your chance to experience the real thing. Based out of Croydon aka The Cronx (see later for why that makes you cool), and surrounded with polished concrete floors, hammocks, ping pong tables and more, you’ll be working in the minute-by-minute world of a tech startup innovating with every line of code, and seeing new features pushed live in hours not weeks. This is to coding what hand-gliding is to flying with EasyJet.

If you’re still interested, and haven’t run screaming to your nearest change request form (we don’t have those), then you’ll want to know what about the tech. We’re PHP 7 on Laravel 5.2 / MySQL, hosted on Laravel Forge / Digital Ocean, with a Bootstrap / JQuery-only frontend. Everything that should be a piece of cake, is a piece of cake. That let’s you concentrate on what matters. You’ll be working with the whole team and in partnership with the CTO to invent, design, architect, develop, and adapt new features based on winning new clients and keeping existing ones. Nothing is off the table, and everyone’s ideas count . If the idea is great and we think we can sell it, then we’ll build it. If you have a better way of doing things… we’ll do it.

Now the health warning: Startup life isn’t for everyone. If you need to know for definite that you have the security of a job for the next five years, then don’t join a startup. We’re explorers and adventurers and that comes with some risk. If you’re OK with that, in fact if you thrive on that, then there’s a pay-off: You’ll be the first one in and we’ll be looking to grow your skills and responsibilities as we grow, building a development team with you at the top. That means your salary grows too. You’ll also be “that engineer from the startup that went big” at your next tech meetup.

We’re looking for a great coder and communicator. Specific technology is important, but not as important as your understanding of core programming concepts, ability to write quality code, and how you communicate your ideas. That said, we’re working to a deadline, so we need some things in place already so that you can hit the ground running:


Essential skills:
MVC framework

Essential experience:

1 year developing in a production environment
Work within a version controlled environment
Involvement with the specification process
Involvement with the deployment process
Experience in finding and fixing existing code

Desirable Skills

Ideal skills:

Twitter Bootstrap
Front-end framework

Ideal experience:

3 years developing in a production environment
Ownership of specification process
Ownership of deployment process
1+ years working with SaaS product
Previous experience with online payments
Previous experience with data security

About ThriveMap

ThriveMap Company Logo

ThriveMap is a software platform that predicts team fit by measuring how people work. (Oh yeah, and TalentRocket's sister company)

ThriveMap was born out of TalentRocket late in 2016, and is going places (we hope/think/know). A job in Croydon at ThriveMap

Based in new offices in Croydon, we are joining the trend of tech companies relocating to just outside London. Being only 18 minutes from Victoria (and 11 from Clapham) means that the commute is way more manageable than you would think! A job in Croydon at ThriveMap

Being under an hour from Brighton means that this commute is also very much possible (Mark, our CTO lives in Brighton).

Anyway, enough about commuting times, as riveting as they are, more about us:

We are a tool that measures and predicts culture fit, and can be used for hiring and improving team performance. Pretty neat huh?

As for the team, we are just 3 people, but looking to increase that number imminently.

We’re committed to building an amazing place to work for all 'Mappers. We believe in a sometimes scary amount of transparency, a non-hierarchical structure and we ask all employees to leave their egos at the door. We operate from a set of principles based from the belief that business is about more than just making profit, it's about creating value and making people’s lives a little bit better.

  • Industry: IT
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Company Stage: Product Development
  • Company Funding: Accelerator / Incubator Funded
  • Company Size: 2-5 People

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